The Hive Honey E Juice is an Awesome Vape Juice Flavor you’d be crazy not to try it. The The Hive company policy is not to sell their product to convenience stores, gas stations, head shops or smoke shops. As a premium e-liquid brand they believe that having their product in stores that are not vape only would damage their brands image. Under our contract with The Hive we are only allowed to sell to vape only stores. The Hive Restriction on Sales. We have no right to sell or provide The Hive Liquid, To Retailer that sell or provide, Cannabinoid products or bongs or drug paraphernalia or any drug the sale of which is illegal under United States law; or to any retailer which also sells tobacco products,unless the retailer selling tobacco products segregates the sale of The Hive E-juice into a separate section of its facility in which only e juice and E-cig equipment are sold. Ejuice-Distribution may terminate any account at any time if not participating with this restriction(s)

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