Vaping Rabbit E Liquid THE VAPING RABBIT is a boutique small-batch e-liquid company found in the wondrous rabbit hole of Los Angeles. Started in 2006 as a fusion between two businesses owned by proprietor Barbara Villegas, one being a hookah bar and the other an ice cream shop, THE VAPING RABBIT E Liquid has grown into a company which prides itself as one of the more high-end top shelf producers of the vaping world, something you can tell just by looking at the bottle.

Their juices, made from all-natural ingredients, are comprised of 99% vegetable glycerin and utilize a very unique method of flavor production referred to as “steam distillation”.

By boiling the organic fruit/spices/herbs collected from gardens basking in the southern California sunlight, and then collecting the flavor via the produced steam, the artisan crafters are able to add flavorings to their juice through natural aromatic methods allowing the high VG content to hold flavor comparable to a higher PG content e-liquid. The liquid is then aged in the bottle before being released for sale, allowing for these impeccable e-juices to be enjoyed exactly as creator Barbara intended.
Churrios E Liquid By Vaping Rabbit 30ml

Be the very first to try, Churrios E Liquid; from the creators of The Vaping Rabbit and Milkman. Churrios E Liquid By Vaping Rabbit is fluffy, warm, fresh out of the fryer churro is lightly dusted with sugar, cinnamon and washed down with a sip of honey nut cereal infused fresh milk. It’s another tantalizingly complex vape that bridges the gap between breakfast cereal flavors and dessert flavors with unbelievable expertise that will surely keep us coming back for dos más.

Each flavor of made by THE VAPING RABBIT comes in a beautiful 30ml glass bottle sealed in hand-dipped wax, and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg.

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